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                     Well...i started to wonder why r people like to hide their real feelings??...or mayb they don't even know they're hidin it?!...why can't we say of what we erally feel to person who got involved??...Herr...this world is covered wit such a confused stuffs. Why cant we just say what we feel? why people hav to fake to one another? is it hav to do wit social value? How about our heart? 

                     sumtime who kno that this friendly n talkative gurl like me need some rest n privacy..yep i'm a gd advisor if ya want, gd listesner when u r so so down..but i still need privacy...sumtimes people make me sick. i'm just a normal mankind in this can i make everybody luvs or likes's so hard.

                            anyway, others are others n they cant make me sick that much...but for my friends ..i value them thanks4having them beside me,always...but sumtimes when there r sth dat it's not clear, how2 start n 2 say for solve them??? herrr... >< tell me why???


                dont be seriouse coz this will pass n will be one of history n memory in yr brain....wait to c sth...although, it annoys u so least opened yr mind...n take a chance 4me2 do sth...plzzzz
Who can imagine that at first i didn't like u at all!!...kinda hate her too!!...Why?...cuz she made her face like she get angry all da time!...n i dont like who do that. But since i got a chance to know her more...i found out how great she really is. Don't know why..right now she's the most...bla bla bla for me...555 Not just her though a lot of people here r great too. But this one is more special than others....Too much of compliment for her now. >_^
Dear all my friends...i luv u all so much...wit all my heart...,
take care yrselves my reader..coz i'm sick n i'm trired with it so much!!


<< This is me!!so tired!! >>

Posted on Wed 5 Apr 2006 1:07


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