so tired!!

                i''m so tired n work n work..hmmm so tired cuz 2day I worked wit only one of my friend (another went2 work at thai airways boot at ka-chard fair!!) i worked from 8am to 6pm late for today!!! my legs is so hurt...i walk between terminal1 n terminal2 many times...Not just at da airport but i'd to sent sth at da head quarter!! herrrr...but it's fun cuz there r lots of people's Wednesday n it'll get most people n the busiest.

                i'll try to do sth to stop my thinkin, alright? but if i still like this...what am I goin to do bout that? Am i goin to act like u feel nothin again?...if u want that, Ill try to live with that na but it's maybe kinda bad for u to act like that.



I've got yr choc' already by n'may(her flight's mine por d loey!!) n i had it a lot!!!...^^...D jaii jing D jaii jang...555...thanx a lot lei na n'may narakkkkkk.....u too!!^^ eiei...take care na...tanks  lot again for everythin' i'm really really appreciate it!...n'may look like a pretty gal not as u...555+ n she told sth 2me bout u duay na...eiei^^
ps.dnt wanna argue with ya when u r not here,, it's not that fun na u kno..
gotta go2 bed rite now!!
luv ya my readers,


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Posted on Thu 6 Apr 2006 1:00


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