how can... -*-
              yesterday went to sum restaunrant  for My mom's  bd party wit my parants...i bought one bag for her^^ Be happy n gd lucky 4 everythin' so long na ka!!although we'd fun wit da party but i felt asleep cuz last nite i slept only 2 hours!!
             by the way, i think i have left someone behind. i'm s sorry for that. i think that i'm too busy til i have no time for many. some feel down coz my expression...i didnt mean to...but i really hav no time...i wanna talk, i wanna keep in touch with u all. all i need is understanding.
  we hav 24hrs...but we spend this 24 hrs unusually....
      sorry for everything everyone........i'm guilty.....
                   i cant give them lots of knowledge, but i can give them inspiration...coz i believe that if u hav heart to learn yr life, u can do it. but if u start ignored it, then u will never win it!!
                               the mOst ImporTANcE thINg IS that
ask YRself that haVe U ever do ANyThing for Others wHo became Part of Yr liFe....
time WAits For No mAN
do for oTherS..don't HAve to GIVE much but always give......
u strong as u grow good as u have learnt many things through these u as u r.....but change as u think some points of you should be changed......change to be better not other........
how can i live without u..
        though we can live alone
                u kno wot,,,,yr life can not be that good if u r alone
i dont know how can i be som like this if i aint got cha.....
ps. sumtimes i'm so tired with everythin' like i have never felt tired like this before!!
Love n miz n care n everything that u want from me...


<< so tired!!Feel blue... >>

Posted on Sun 9 Apr 2006 2:06


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