Feel blue...

 dear my readers, i tried2 update this mny times but da network'd failed >_<!!

         well, many things had passed in these few days as i had
work o day o nite coz i had to finish my research ......n busy 2prepare sth
for my course...lucky me,,,,we can hand in da research on time...lucky me!!
(again) wen i do my work, i've a chance 2learn sumthin' bout life n learn
bout person's thought dat i'd never known for it!!

Easy is to forgive others
Difficult is to ask for forgiveness

Easy is to weep for a lost love.
Difficult is to take care of it so not to lose it.

Easy is to promise something to someone.
Difficult is to fulfill that promise...

i will busy again in next week coz i've 2do my important work dat
i wanna get it but very hard for me!!
plz encourage me na^^baby som!!..
i have to make it good coz after this course finish, iw ill go back to my
senior student....the4th yr student...
lots of things to do again..!!

if i keep busy like this, who will stand by me n luv me??
single life is the best
but maybe double is better than single

miz u my friends...i mean all of my friends...thanks for keeping in touch n
carrin' me,
sending sms,calling n watever....
now i feel better from my sick...
pls kno that man..u made my day.......
i'll save my health as you told me na ja*-*

ps. i'm very grateful for dat nite, listen me n made sum my doubt cleared...
at least i know that i'm not alone here.

bt now i feel down cuz 2day i went2c da dctr and i knew sth bout me added...woooo!! never mind!!

anyway, no mtter da secret is da secret, leave it n 'll lose wit me!!

take a very good care my readers,
wit luv,


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Posted on Thu 20 Apr 2006 22:07

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Sun 23 Apr 2006 23:08 [1]

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