wow....i have never known that when life is so busy is very
good just think that how bored it is!!!to sit or stand or sleep
all day long n u have nothing to do  
anyway, i hope that it should not have too much work to do.....
                               dont worry when things happened....
let's work again cuz time wait4no man
                                                           dont wait anyone to comfort u,,,,,
comfort yrself first and then accpet that iz yr turn to face up sth new
                                                                            and it will make u learn more
learn more
                                                  know more
                                                                                                         get more
                and that's best4all
hi, all
                       i thought that i didnt forget to tell u that now i got many things to do,  to                   think, to decide n to know. well, i have been working 4 all month cuz i got many papers n research to finish. however, i know that some of u should be very busy like me....n yep i'm not alone n u too..remember.....i understand dont feel so down when sth make u feel sad or upset u. just think of me sumtimes i wish that i can make u feel better.
time will change me but i cant change time....i mean time will change my life to meet sth new again n again, but i cant change whatever happen to me. sumtimes, iz so hard to find any factors to know that what make me feel bad n down..iz just kind of feeling. all i know now is that i'm bruised. however, many things can make me feel good though...iz hard  to walk back when u take step forward.
anyway, i have learnt many things new this month n i have to give a very big thanks4those who take me to c the world...
ahh...have i told u that i will have a long weekend this week n i miz my fam so so much....
thanks4my frineds.....we are friend...n i'm yr as u wish
take care n luv,
Ps. next week i have first seminar....dont forget to give yr power to me before i die..LOL
i hav gotta go in one day, dont know when but try to do it best everyday!!


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Posted on Sun 9 Jul 2006 23:55



Fri 21 Jul 2006 13:12 [1]

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