juz need!!


basicly, i think only us can refill our power as
we make it gone from ourselves.
i dont know why this semester makes e feel so strange cuz many things run and run and run to me and crush me...sumtimes, i almost fall down to the ground, but i'm not alone. so how can i fall down when many around me.
finally,i finished my first oral test on pre-siminar which had7advisors who sat and listened to us carefully...i was so up set all week last week u know...
...but yep it passed,,,, i have to move on again..hmmmm too many things to do again...why we have only 24 hrs but yep anyway,
it's better than i have no time to finish anything.
tired of work cant compare with tired of luv......c
uz mind lets yr body move in each day....
so when sth hit yr body...is hurt but ir will gone, while when sth touch or hit yr heart..
is hurt and stay in yr memory....
however, as heart is yr...u have to take care of it..others can only make yr heart complete sumtimes or they can ruin yr heart in some occasions...
but finally it's yr....life is so confused!!!!
cuz life i yr but life depends on context around u...
live as u like cuz u r the bst who know that what is good for u...listen others but remember that they r not in yr shoes...
but listen cuz they can overview all of you see
...and sumtimes they can see sth better than u....
sumtimes, i'm confused for sth. in my mind...
stop stop stop...cuz i've know the end already!!
forget it!!!!!!!! n gotta go!!!
anyway, good news after all as i got a new part time job again...
...is kind of hostess and translator and pretty and sth like that...
i will tell u later when i do this job in next2weeks..ok!!
take a very good care my readers,
Ps...the least i see u,,,the more i miss u....forget u ...no no no i cant
...thanks a lot for everyone that you didnt forget my birthday...
u kow, that was my very happy birthday^^
wanna talk wit u again...her her...><!!


<< Nonstop!!i know me well!! >>

Posted on Sat 22 Jul 2006 14:58




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